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Links, Week 46, 2019

CSS logical properties do away with positional naming. And for internationalisation, it makes a lot more sense.

The logo for the recent film Joker was made with wood-block letterpress.

Angela Guo at The New York Times writes about a planning tool prototype that helps manage the complex requirements of their newsroom CMS workflow as they publish 200 stories each day.

web.dev logo

web.dev have a handy section identifying performance metrics that can help devs improve the experience on their site.

Tiny Hands, a font based on the handwriting of Donald Trump

“Imagine a sociopathic, sexually ravenous Walt Disney with hands the size of a GI Joe action figure, frantically etching away with a Sharpie Magnum, and you’ll have something of the feel of the font.” Fast Company describe Tiny Hands, a new font based on Donald Trump’s handwriting.