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Links, Week 8, 2020

I really enjoyed The Unfinished Internet by Neil Patil. He writes about the unmet potential of the internet as a technology and the way the current design and use of this technology can stifle creativity.

Things change in web development every week, but one thing that has been constant for twenty years, is clients want external links to open in a new window. Don’t. Just don’t. It’s bad for users and accessibility.

CSS Grid has been around for a while and is well supported. It’s incredibly powerful and, to me, incredibly complex. I’m constantly referring to this CSS Tricks guide to Grid, so I’m glad Smashing Magazine is putting together a series called: Understanding CSS Grid.

User experience and cognitive load: when less is more. A short look at Hick’s Law, which assesses the capacity and time to make decisions relative to the number of choices available, and ways to mitigate cognitive overload when designing and developing for the web.