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Links, Week 16, 2020

An interview with Cal Newport, author of Digital Minimalism, on how to survive screens and social media in our period of social isolation.

How social media platforms mine personal data for profit. An look at different monetisation and data-gathering techniques: advertising, apps, premium features and gated content.

How static website generators like Gatsby work and what they can do. It uses completely different technology but it’s a little bit like the old days of the CMS Movable Type when publishing changes meant rebuilding your site.

A handy tutorial on preparing and using variable webfonts. There’s obviously a lot that can be done with variable fonts — animation, for one — but for me it’s the performance benefit that comes from reducing file sizes and HTTP requests.

LCH colours in CSS. I suppose I’ve inherently known that CSS can’t produce certain colours but I hadn’t quite realised that this was a limitation of the colour space, browser implementations, and, until recently, monitors.