Image of the TWOTWO website on a desktop

The former TWOTWO website hadn’t been updated in two years and the design of the site didn’t match the quality of the work that TWOTWO produce.

The new website is built with WordPress, providing TWOTWO with an easy way to update the site with photos of products and projects.

The site, designed in collaboration with the client, is minimal and rooted in the design process of black and white sketches, concepts that are developed into full-colour, real-life products.

There is a strong emphasis on photography and custom fields allow easy, flexible management of the image galleries on each page.

The site also features some custom interactions and SVG animations.

A companion site, Inverloch Engineering, was also developed using a slightly modified version of the custom WordPress theme built for TWOTWO.

Image of the TWOTWO website on a tablet
Image of the TWOTWO website on a phone