Updates & Writing

Links, Week 7, 2020

A study into the benefits of "dark mode", the assumptions people make about typefaces, teaching programming without using computers, a CSS generator for neumorphic buttons, and the way teens are fooling the Instagram algorithm by flooding it with random data.

Links, Week 6, 2020

Some timeless webdev articles, a guide to redesigning a site or product, a look at how technology is shaping our lives, cloning SVG elements, CSS animation, and why we can't rely on innovation to solve performance issues.

Links, Week 5, 2020

An excellent guide on optimising SVG images, privacy concerns for journalists using Google Suite and Office 365, and Google plan to wind back design changes to their search results.

Links, Week 4, 2020

Slate has published an "Evil List" of 30 tech companies, ranked by how much harm they are doing. And a neat web app that renders all the roads in a city using data from OpenMaps.

Links, Week 3, 2020

A thorough explanation of cookies, the GDPR policy, a history of body copy text sizes, a primer on min and max width in CSS, and the state of Progressive Web Apps in 2020.

Links, Week 2, 2020

A JavaScript library and online generator for SVG animation, a contrast-based colour generator, an isometric city builder, and how to use CSS containment for performance.

Links, Week 1, 2020

Some CSS tutorials on Z-index and the importance of relative units, UX design for mobile, the best and worst branding of the year and decade, and a few thoughts on the web in general and how to build content that is designed to last.

Links, Week 51-52, 2019

New typefaces for Christmas, a look at Google design in the past year, tracking issues in Safari's tracking protection, flexible brands, and a light weight solution for Youtube embeds.

Links, Week 50, 2019

Some great articles on colour and advice on how to do art direction using Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor.

Links, Week 49, 2019

Fight back against Google AMP, CSS shadwows, how to use the :is() selector to reduce code, and a look at the Microsoft 365 mobile app redesign.