Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

Server Infrastructure

Our Managed WordPress Hosting service runs on high-frequency servers based in Sydney.

Running on Debian, a linux distribution known for stability, our servers are tuned and configured for serving WordPress websites.

Servers are backed up daily, and sites are monitored every 5 minutes from locations across the world, to ensure reliability, and to provide real-time warning of any issues.

Cloudflare Security & Domain Management

Whenever possible, we recommend clients use Cloudflare.

Mailgun Email Delivery

Our servers are purpose built for website hosting; we use Mailgun as an email delivery service for messages sent from your website. We also provide email forwarding through Mailgun or Cloudflare. Email hosting is not provided, but we are able to recommend Fastmail, a third-party email host.

Optional WordPress services


Our sites use UpdraftPlus Premium, one of the most reliable WordPress backup plugins. This allows for the entire site — software, uploads and database — to be securely backed up to a remote S3-compatible cloud storage.

EWWW Image Optimizer

One of the easiest ways to improve your site performance is to ensure that you are using correctly sized images. We use EWWW Image Optimizer to reformat, resize, and optimise images.


SEOPress is a leading SEO plugin, providing a comprehensive way to edit metadata, as well as offering content analysis. SEOPress doesn’t load additional scripts or assets to the front-end of your site, helping overall performance.

WP Cerber Security

We use WP Cerber Security to monitor sites for malicious activity and limit brute force login attacks. Combined with Cloudflare, we maintain an active firewall, along with access control lists, to protect sites and reduce access and requests from bad actors.


We ensure that WordPress is configured to automatically update core files, themes and plugins. We use MainWP as a centralised dashboard to monitor sites, check for unsuccessful or manual updates, and monitor uptime and security.