Updates & Writing

Links, Week 26, 2020

A no-code tutorial for non-developers looking to create an SMS bot, using Google Sheets and Twilio, plenty of CSS articles covering hexagonal grids, UI tricks for card interfaces, a little-known value for the background-repeat property, an overview of scroll technologies from CSS to JavaScript libraries, how optimised code can help reduce your carbon footprint, and a look at the ubiquitous Cooper Black typeface.

Links, Week 25, 2020

Like Twitter before it, Slack announces that remote work will become a permanent option as it becomes a more "distributed company", your website design and its performance on mobile could be causing "fight or flight" stress for your users, the anatomy of push notifications, and why you should build features users don't ask for.

Links, Week 24, 2020

Brand guidelines and logo manuals from iconic designs of the 60s and 70s, 8 tips to quickly improve UIs, a review of website speeds, and some of the awesome features of the Duck Duck Go search engine.

Links, Week 23, 2020

Zoom won't enable encryption for free users, a way to get images into the browser console, some awesome stuff you can do with the CSS content property, an ultimate guide to the WordPress database, and Tim Berners-Lee on the digital divide.

Links, Week 22, 2020

Apple have licensed some excellent fonts, but you'll need to download them through Font Book, Harry Roberts tries to optimise the performance of Google Fonts, Delicious Brains update their server installation guide for running WordPress on Ubuntu 20.04, a couple of UI/UX articles on form fields, and Jazz Keys, a beautiful diversion to end the week.

Links, Week 21, 2020

The days are getting shorter and colder here but just as busy. This week we've got some typography and design links. A helpful guide to fonts for complex data, reader submitted maps of their worlds in the time of coronavirus, a brand identity by Pentagram for The Mental Health Coalition, and Hoefler & Co have released a helpful new block of text for proofing fonts, to replace the pangrams we've grown used to.

Links, Week 20, 2020

This week, a few CSS articles. A gallery of CSS art showing what can be created using a single div element, a guide to min, max and clamp, now that these comparison functions are supported, and a series of tutorials showing modern solutions to old CSS problems.

Links, Week 19, 2020

A quiet week with a couple of interesting CSS articles. A guide to text selection in CSS, a minor but nice touch for your website. A detailed list of CSS functions. And, according to new research, nearly 50% of Twitter accounts talking about the Coronavirus might be bots.

Links, Week 18, 2020

The perfect dark mode, a thorough breakdown of spacing in CSS, a "Stay Home" icon from Stephen Kelleher Studio, a look at the cost of JavaScript frameworks, how they impact performance, and how their use relates to the amount of JavaScript used on a site overall, plus a handy security and privacy review of the most popular video call software being used.

Links, Week 17, 2020

A look at the technical problems of real-world contact tracing applications, morphing animations with CSS, pseudo-randomness in CSS, and a helpful guide to the differences between dropdown lists and listboxes and when to use them.