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Improve WordPress performance by disabling WP‑Cron

You can improve your WordPress website performance by disabling WP-Cron and setting a system based cron schedule.

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There are some concerns about the security of the Zoom platform

Zoom has become one of the most popular apps for teleconferencing leaping from 10 million paid users to 200 million in March this year. But the Zoom platform has a troubled history with security and encryption, sharing data with third-parties, and worrying software installation practices. Now, law enforcement and government bodies are warning against using the platform.

What happens when you first open a browser?

When you install and open a browser, what happens? Turns out, quite a bit. Most download extensions, data and images and in some instances send information about you to some strange sources.

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Alternatives to Google Analytics

If you're not using Google Analytics or you're concerned about data privacy there are a number of alternative ways to get information about your website traffic.

Too many people in the tech sector want to be like Steve Jobs and not enough want to be like Steve Wozniak.

Everyone wants to be like Steve Jobs

Search Engine Optimisation Basics

A quick look at search engine optimisation covering basic terms and ideas to help you better understand how SEO can work with your digital marketing campaign.

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Goodbye Google (Fonts)

A follow-up to the article about quitting the big five tech companies, this tutorial looks at how to use Google Fonts without using Google.

Developing with the big five

A recent Gizmodo series looks at how difficult it is to excise the big five tech companies from your life. What can or should developers do?

They sell a ton of stuff, but to think of Amazon as a retailer is really to miss the nature of Jeff Bezos' ambitions and what this company is really about. Amazon is interested in controlling the underlying infrastructure of the economy. One big piece of that is the online platform. What has happened now is that most people when they go to buy something online, they don't start at a search engine like they used to. They don't go to Google and put in a product and come up all sorts of different retailers, including Amazon. They just start at Amazon.

— Stacy Mitchell

Amazon: Why is this happening?

WP Performance & Security version 0.9 released

The Performance & Security plugin gives you the ability to disable revisions, WordPress oEmbed functionality, jQuery Migrate and the Block Library CSS.