WP Performance & Security


This plugin provides access to settings that modify WordPress and improve performance and security.

General settings

  • Modify excerpt length, the “More” text, and allow excerpts on Pages
  • Change the “Read more” settings, so that the anchors to articles don’t jump
  • Modify custom post types so that they appear in search results and RSS feeds
  • Allow tags on pages and ensure all tags appear in search queries
  • Remove relational links
  • Remove the Windows Live Writer manifest link (wlwmanifest)
  • Remove the RSD link
  • Remove the shortlink
  • Enable HTML5 support for forms, comment lists, images and captions.
  • Disable auto-formatting of content and/or excerpts


  • Enable GZIP on Apache
  • Disable WordPress pings from internal links
  • Remove the version query string on styles and scripts
  • Remove the JetPack plugin devicepx script
  • Remove emoji support


  • Remove the WordPress version string
  • Modify XMLRPC features – disable entirely and/or disable XMLRPC SSL testing
  • Comment modifications:
    • Hide existing comments
    • Disable comments
    • Disable comments on media files
    • Disable links in comments
    • Remove the ‘URL’ field from the comments form


  • Hide the admin bar from front facing pages
  • Show statistics in the Admin section
  • Change the WordPress greeting, even for non US English installs
  • Remove the ‘Open Sans’ Google webfont from Admin
  • Remove dashboard widgets
  • Remove WP menu items
  • Include the “All Settings” menu item


  • Change the login page logo
  • Change the login page logo URL
  • Change the login page logo URL title
  • Disable detailed login errors

Google Analytics

  • Add Google Analytics tracking code to your site

Release History

Version 0.8

  • Tested against WordPress 5.0.1
  • Open Sans was dropped from WordPress 4.6 in favour of system fonts – so the Remove Open Sans font option will only show for older versions of WordPress
  • Updated Google Analytics to support Google Tag Manager (gtag.js)
  • Added the ability to hide existing comments
  • Jetpack devicepx option only shown if Jetpack is active
  • Improved handling of custom post type options
  • Added support for enabling (and disabling) the Links Manager
  • Minor code improvements

Version 0.7

  • Added the ability to remove the styles and scripts that make up emoji support, which was added in WP 4.2

Version 0.6

  • Fixed a range of alerts that appear in debug mode

Version 0.5

  • Fixed issue where plugin might conflict with WP Super Cache

Version 0.4.1

  • Minor changes to plugin settings in WP

Version 0.4

  • Minor code changes
  • JS only loaded on plugin page
  • Changed default settings, all plugin options set to the WordPress defaults

Version 0.3

  • Updated plugin to allow for internationalization
  • Added icon

Version 0.2

  • Added support for adding Google Analytics tracking code
  • Added a toggle to remove the admin bar from front-facing pages
  • Added a setting to enforce and set the minimum number of characters required in a comment

Version 0.1

  • Initial launch
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