Photograph of rolling green hills near Drouin in Gippsland, Victoria

LandGipps is the leading developer of housing estates in Gippsland.

LandGipps communities can be found across the region, from the seaside town of Corinella to the rolling hills of Drouin and Warragul.

I built the original Landgipps website in 2015-2016 while working as a contractor for a local design studio.

Initially, the site was going to launch the LandGipps brand and provide a portfolio for their housing developments. But after a six-month development process, the website was launched as a web platform for listing property lots with a portal for local builders to list and promote house and land packages on those lots.

In 2019, LandGipps reached out wanting some help.

In the years since the launch, the site had been modified (and neglected), migrated to a new server, and a number of features were no longer working.

After fixing the bugs, I continued working for LandGipps creating sites for individually branded developments and completely rewriting their main site, launching the changes in 2021.

The Landgipps site is built using WordPress with a range of templates and custom post types, along with custom user roles to let builders create house and land packages.

Live data is imported to the site, updated every five minutes, effectively providing realtime lot pricing and availability.

The site uses custom forms, custom search with filters, and dynamic PDF price lists, along with custom REST endpoints for sharing data with microsites.