RB Capital

Illustration of two men with backpacks walking towards a docked sailing ship.

RB Capital is a boutique investment and M&A brokerage based in the United Kingdom and Malta.

Specialising in the gaming, fintech and media sectors, RB Capital wanted a new website that would demonstrate their experience and expertise, while also promoting their fresh perspective and approach.

The website was developed on WordPress and features a beautiful, animated, horizontal scrolling landing page. Custom hand-drawn illustrations were converted to SVG to allow for scalable animation. Users follow an animated airship that journeys through the site and as it passes through individual content slides, additional animated elements add a sense of dynamism.

The site uses a number of JavaScript libraries: animations are achieved using GSAP from Greensock, the scrolling functions are powered by ScrollMagic, and assets are preloaded for performance, using PreloadJS.

The animated content is editable via WordPress and site features include blog posts, a custom post type for case studies, and simple page templates.

RB Capital


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